Guy Kawasaki Hearts Jetson Green x 2

Alltop Green

Alltop Architecture

How can a website not be flattered when Guy Kawasaki, you know, founder of Alltop, partner at Garage Technology Ventures, and chief evangelist of Apple, sends you an email announcing your website’s inclusion in Alltop?  We are.  So we’re taking this quick opportunity to kick out a shout of thanks to Guy and the folks hard at work at Alltop.  Thanks for including Jetson Green in both the Green and the Architecture pages.

If you haven’t visited Alltop yet, it’s an online magazine rack for people that don’t use feeds.  It’s also for people that use feeds but that are looking for authority blogs in a certain niche topics.  Click the above images and make sure to check out our enviro and architecture blog friends.

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  • Brendan

    Whoa, congrats Preston!

    • Preston

      Thanks Brendan, I imagine you’ll be getting an email, too, if you haven’t already, to be included in arch or design or something. There’s a ton of topics on Alltop now.

  • Nic Darling

    Nice work Preston. I check in on Alltop pretty regularly to see what I’m missing in my subscriptions. It definitely says something nice about your blog to find yourself on that list.

  • Andrew Stone

    Very Nice Preston! I was wondering when you would make it. Pretty soon I won’t need to use my feeds anymore!

  • Charles & Hudson

    Guy is awesome! Of course he recognizes great websites such as JG.

  • Guy Kawasaki

    I don’t speak Japanese. What is totemo? A Pokemon? Sumo wrestler?


    • Preston

      Sorry Guy, I thought I heard somewhere that you do, but that was a bad assumption on my part. “totemo” means very or much. So Jetson Green is very very thankful to Alltop and Guy Kawasaki. I can take that out …

  • Dave C.

    Nicely done. I can dream of that kind of exposure. You’ve got some killer content here, though, so its well deserved.

    • Preston

      Dave, blogging’s a marathon, but you’re well on your way with Greeniest. Keep in touch.

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