2800 Lincoln Modern Green Residences

2800 Lincoln

This 5 story, 9 unit condo building is 2800 Lincoln and is planned for the corner of Diversey Parkway and Lincoln Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.  Designed by Product Architects, this contemporary green building is aiming for LEED Silver, and might even catch LEED Gold.  2800 Lincoln has a green roof, large terraces, solar panels, solar thermal hot water heating, and will be powered, in part, by geothermal energy (see diagram below).  Yo Chicago reports that the developer, Helios Realty and Development, plans to break ground in the next month or two and has a lease for the ground-floor retail space in the works. 

2800 Lincoln is expected to achieve 50% energy savings as compared to a comparable building that meets the minimum standards of 2004 IEC.  It’ll also have excellent indoor environmental quality with abundant natural lighting and views, operable windows, and non-toxic and low-VOC coatings, adhesives, and fibers. 

Two bedroom, two bath units start at about $490,000, with three bedroom, three bath units at around $780,000.  Three are already tied up, so you’ll have to hurry if you want to catch one of the remaining six. 






Renderings via 2800 Lincoln by dPict.

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  • http://thewhereblog.blogspot.com Brendan

    Hmmm…those renderings make the building look like it will be pretty cool, but Chicago has a very, very, very bad habit of showing slick pics and then building utter shit. There are a LOT of cinderblock and vinyl nightmares going up around town right now…I like the shape of this one, but the dull facade colors unnerve me.

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      You’re right, I mean, anything could happen, but cinderblock and vinyl won’t make the green cut if they’re going for LEED Silver. We’ll see …

      Overall, though, I really like the design, especially from the inside with all the windows and natural light. I also like the terraces where you can go out and chill. Every home should have a terrace, porch, or something similar.

  • jonathan

    Last year I lived about a quarter block from that intersection. When I look at the rendering I am a little worried. There is no room for parking lot, and that neighborhood has hard to find street parking. The lot looks much bigger in the rendering than in real life. I am interested to see how it pans out though.

    • Marc

      I’m one of the listing agents on the project.

      To respond to your concern, the building offers garage parking for $35,000. There are enough spaces for every unit owner to have a space. We could even install a car lift (for an additional $10k) if the owner needed two spaces.

      Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.


  • http://thewhereblog.blogspot.com Brendan

    Architecturally, it’s not drastically different from the norm for contemporary Chicago condo buildings. Porches/decks/balconies are pretty much standard. Street facades are usually brick or concrete panelling. And cinder blocks are absolutely the norm, LEED or no…

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