Visualizing Benefits of Roof Overhangs


If you’re in a sunny location and your home has windows, then you probably like to pull a curtain or close the shutters to keep direct heat from entering the home.  Just today I was driving by a modern home with slight overhangs and nodded my head in approval thinking: "buya … such a simple design element and it’s providing shading for those super large windows during the heat of the day."  I realize we’re talking about something basic, but if you have the chance, roof overhangs can make a difference as to how much you’re manipulating the interior temperature with mechanical systems.  Check this ranch house by Cottam Hargrave.  With that much glass in Georgetown, Texas, a little roof overhang is a prerequisite, don’t you think?!

  • Rae

    I agree! Adding deep roof overhangs was one of the best cheap energy-saving moves we made on our house. On the south-facing side, the overhangs keep the heat from the sun out in summer, but let it in in winter it’s lower. Even on 90 degree days, we’ve barely needed to use the cooling, because there’s no sunlight beating on the windows.

    • Preston

      Definitely, your house is a fantastic example of the benefits of roof overhangs.

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