Giveaway: MOO Green Pack of Eco- friendly Business Cards

MOO Green Business Cards

This is part of the Jetson Green birthday giveaway, so make sure to leave a comment by midnight Friday, July 25, 2008, if you want to be considered for the contest.*

I’ve been a MOO mini-card customer for probably two years and am what you might call a gargantuan fan of the company.  Every time I give someone a MOO, I get a reaction from them.  I gave one to Ed Begley, Jr. and he was blown away by the small design.  So I was excited to hear that MOO began offering eco-friendly business cards within the last couple weeks.  I designed a set using Jetson Green logos (imported from Flickr) and they shipped to me in a snap.  They’re absolutely incredible, too.  I just love the look and feel of these green business cards.  If you want to get a set, MOO Green cards come in a 50 pack with pricing from $21.99 plus shipping.  They’re made with 100% recycled fiber, completely recyclable and biodegradable, and totally chlorine free.  Plus, they look so good and you can make as many unique cards as you have imagination. 

If you’re giving away thousands of business cards, I guess MOO could be an expensive addiction, but I like to save my MOO cards for special people.  They’re my A-list business cards.  Everyone could use an eco-friendly, A-list business card, so feel free to drop by MOO, if you don’t win the giveaway. 

*Please read and review the giveaway terms prior to leaving a comment.  To be considered for this giveaway, your comment must be entered prior to midnight mst on Friday, July 25, 2008.  Good luck!

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  • Jennae @ Green Your Decor

    As a graphic designer, I can’t believe I hadn’t heard about MOO cards before! Thanks for the heads up, particularly since I need to get some new cards both for my graphic design business and my blog :)

  • Andrew Stone

    Hey Preston! I don’t need to win these, but I wanted to say thanks for turning me on to these a while back! I have never had a better response to my business cards and I look forward to opportunities to hand them out.

  • Anonymous

    These business cards look great! What perfect timing since I am working ona start-up right now!



  • Pete Wann

    I’d love to have a set of eco-friendly personal cards. I meet a lot of people for whom my “business” card wouldn’t be appropriate to give out — it’d be really nice to have a personal calling card to leave with folks.

  • Steve

    Ooh! Ooh!! Pick me!!! Pick me!!!!

  • Eddie Lee

    I just started my company and would love to make my cards with Moo!

  • Kyle Cherrick

    New job requires new business cards

    • Preston

      Kyle Cherrick – congratulations, you are the winner of the MOO Green Business cards giveaway! I will be emailing you shortly to arrange for other details.

  • moderns-r-us

    I am rebranding my company with a more green profile and these will look great!

  • Tim H.

    A-List business cards, eh? And they’re eco? Consider me interested.

    And again, congratulations on two years, Preston.

  • Anonymous

    Better looking cards that are better for the world. Cool.

  • localearth

    They look pretty slick.

  • Anonymous

    Great Cards, thank you for the idea.

  • Adam P

    I’m a fan…

  • Anonymous

    I just looked at the MOO website. Those minicards look awesome! There’s even a minicard click holder specially sized for these cards. Kewl….

  • Anonymous

    box be empty box be green
    I’d like a card with my name on it


  • Rae

    eco-friendly cards
    recycled paper saves trees
    more for me to hug

  • steven

    Hope I Win!
    Great idea and Happy Birthday!
    I always make sure to drop in for some interesting environmental titbits.
    Jetson Green was even good enough to feature an article about my little project:—gree.html
    All the best!

  • bunny

    I love MOO cards! They look awesome!! Would love to win! Thanks!

  • Julian Picaza

    Boy, do I ever need These

    Count me in! (and Happy Birthday:)

    Thanks Again

  • hthompsen

    Major congrats for the two-year mark. JG’s the first thing I see each morning on my iGoogle page (and the next 20 times I fall into the internerd abyss throughout the day, heh). Love the cards, may the best moocher win!

  • bestgreenblogs

    Preston, I don’t need to win these either. While I love their design and the fact that they use recycled materials in their business cards, doesn’t the fact that they ship them all the way from the U.K. negate the positive impact of using recycled paper and non toxic ink? I might sound like a Debbie Downer about it, I’m sorry about that, but I just wanted to point the carbon footprint issue out.. I wish more local companies did green printing!

    • Preston

      You’re absolutely right and when I first ordered mine, I didn’t realize they were coming from the UK. So I asked MOO if they had plans for printing the green business cards in the U.S. and they said they didn’t (at least not at the time). So I definitely think you raise a good point about carbon footprint, although, I didn’t raise it because I’m not an expert on paper sourcing and manufacturing. It’s something to consider in the purchasing process.

  • Jill Herbers

    Small really is beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    I love Moo Cards. I had only drooled over them online and then I finally met a boutique owner that had them! They are very high quality and real handy. I like the eco-friendly option.

  • David

    Happy birthday!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday. Moo Cards rock!

  • KRS-10

    Happy Birthday!

  • Victoria Everman

    This one is definitely my first choice!

  • Rick O!

    I love my Moo mini cards and I could use some more since I’m running low! Happy Birthday!

  • Gregory Williams

    Ooh, Moo! Happy birthday!

  • Joshua Jabbour

    congrats! I’d love these…

  • PandanPuddin

    I love Moo cards but have never ordered any because I can never decide on what images to use.

  • Tany L.

    yay for sustainable products. i’d use these for my band – they’d go
    great with our Arigato Pak cd cases from Stumptown Printers.

  • K P

    Concentrated and fabulous. Perhaps I can fit sustaining tips on each card to share with others. Idea promotion not just self promotion is my idea for these.
    Happy 2nd Birthday! Two years in web-ville, what an attention span!

  • christysumner

    holey moooooo-ley! Sign me up for some!

  • Anonymous

    Count me in on the moo craze.. I’m all about it!

  • Jodie

    These are awesome! And it’s my birthday, too. Just sayin’.

  • Anonymous

    I could REALLY use these :)

  • Anonymous

    This sweepstakes has been featured on Sweepstakes Advantage, The Web’s Largest Directory of Free Online Sweepstakes. Good Luck to Everyone!

  • Lisa Sharp

    I would love to get these for my photography business!

  • dustin

    ooh, these would be great to hand out to special people to explain our house project . thanks for covering it earlier, Preston; we’ve finally broken ground.

  • Mike M

    This would be a great way to help start out my side business (green remodeling).


  • Anonymous

    great idea and understandable why they may be a bit more costly. happy 2nd birthday.



  • Erica Johnson

    I would love to use these for professional networking with environmental business leaders! Happy Birthday.

  • Ryon

    it to everyone I know interested in sustainable building!

    Thanks for the giveaway opp!


  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday , My birthday is a few weeks away, How about some business cards!!!!!

  • Alicia Moura

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  • James

    I know of a cheaper option so you can give your 100% eco-friendly mini business cards away to everyone:
    That should help you!

  • Holly @

    Here’s a fun post on making green business cards at home!

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