Prefab Cabin Built by Method Homes

Method Home Cabin

When we first brought news of Method Homes in April, we were pretty excited because they were cruising along with construction at a pretty quick clip.  Their design was mountain modern and the founders, Bryan Abramson and Mark Rylant, were executing on a plan to build this smart green home in three months. 

Now Method Homes' first foray into green prefab is met with success as the home is complete — it looks gorgeous and exudes the company's "Down to Earth Prefab" tagline.  The cabin home is currently available for tours and, if you like it, you can place an order for your own. 

Designed by Balance Associates, the Method Home Cabin was built off-site, which minimized construction materials waste by ~50%.  As you would imagine also with a home aiming for LEED-H Gold certification, it was built with locally sourced and renewable materials, energy efficient lighting and plumbing fixtures, hydronic radiant heating, efficient insulation, a whole house ventilation system, and other natural materials. 

Located in Glacier, Washington near Mt. Baker, it's hard not to notice that this is a cabin, a second home.  We know how that discussion goes … but compared to most, it's unassuming at roughly 1800 sf and leaves a light footprint.  For that, I commend Method Homes and look forward to seeing what comes next. 







Photo credits: Method Homes.

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  • Jennifer

    I love the spare, woodsy beauty of the interior but I think I would miss feeling connected to the outdoors. Perhaps the designers purposely created a “floating in the trees” feeling. It is lovely but difficult to access the outdoors once inside.

    • apartment7

      How do you mean “difficult to access the outdoors once inside.”? Are you talking about patio / sliding door direct access?

    • Matt

      I think they raised the decks high off the ground to account for the amount of snow in winter. It would be interesting to see a winter picture of the home.

  • Marcel

    You know what I’d love to see with all of these projects……cost disclosure.
    It’s too bad that we can’t see a breakdown of material labour and design costs so that we can get an idea of what it would be like to appropriate some of these concepts for ourselves. Ah well, I guess that would be asking for something more than a green revolutiion….more like a red revolution 😉

    • Frustrated

      agreed. I think it’s somewhat frustrating that everytime I see a pre-fab home mentioned there is no cost analysis/breakdown.

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