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In conjunction with The Hokkaido Toyako G8 Summit in Japan occurring right now from July 7-9, 2008, Japan and Sekisui House have released details of The Zero Emissions House, a high-tech, prefabricated home designed in the vernacular of traditional Japan.  As the G8 Summit focuses on various issues pressing on the world right now, representative nations will be discussing the environment and how to deal with climate change.  In that regard, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) is constructing the house a short distance from the summit to show Japan’s potential contribution to cutting emissions in the world’s built environment. 

The single-level house is approximately 2152 sf in size and prefabricated from light steel.  In addition to having a seismic dampening structure and earthquake resistant technology, the home has a number of energy and environmental technology. 

  • 14.5 kW roof-integrated PV system
  • Energy efficient lighting and household appliances
  • "Tough Clear E" exterior wall that insulates and repels dirt
  • Rooftop vegetation on north side to reduce heat island effect
  • A ventilation/thermal exchange system that keeps air fresh and clean
  • Waterless washer-dryer
  • AC system that pinpoints hot areas

Japan hopes that the technology and example set by The Zero Emissions House can somehow make a contribution to the world in cutting GHG emissions, at the very least, in half by 2050.  I think a home like this would do well in the U.S., don’t you?

Zero Emissions Home


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Photo credits: METI.