Greensumption, the Ecological Pickle

For background on the video, make sure to check out this Dot Earth interview.  The point being made is quite poignant, probably making you feel as though there’s an environmental pickle with nary a solution.  But we’ve got to do better than that — we have to find solutions and turn this ship around.  So what’s the next step? 

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  • Andrew Stone

    Great post and a good time to recommend the Story of Stuff by Annie Lee. Everyone should check it out The answer is not buying green, but buying less and buying green when you do buy less. Changing out your wardrobe will not do anything if you are throwing away perfectly good clothes. Never feel bad about the things you have purchased in the past, just use them to their fullest. Once you have done that you can move on. .

    • Preston

      Good points on both the Story of Stuff and consumption.

  • dcgreen

    story of stuff dot com is awesome thanks for the link. everyone should watch the video it’s worth the 20 minutes.

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