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Geos is a community located in Arvada, Colorado.  With homes starting in the low $200,000, it is an affordable green community seeking status as the first fossil fuel free community in the United States.  The homes combine the benefits of both geothermal and solar energy.  Homes range from 850 to 3500+ square feet and include a variety of living options from live/work townhomes to single level flats. 

Geos will be comprised of a network of plazas, parks, and trails encouraging a pedestrian, social community.  It’s unique as a community that eliminates the need for fossil fuels is.  Some other "green" communities may not even include geothermal or solar. 

The home prices are also an important part of this community.  The planners wanted to make a green community that was accessible for the average person, not just the elite.  Geos is still in the early stages, but it promises to be a revolutionary and inspirational community.  To learn more, visit their website.

Neighborhood Areas

Land Use Plan




Renderings via Geos.

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  • Andrew Stone

    This is going to be a beautiful community! I think I will need to take a road trip to Colorado to check it out once they get it going.

    • Preston

      Might have to go with you. I’d love to have something like this in SLC, but I can’t figure out where you’d even put it. That is, in a place that’s close to critical services.

  • TJ Sagg

    The creativity of this desging is mind blowing. Really very workable solutiion to the ever need to the envorinment and the high cost of maintaining a home. I have to agree to scope it out on my next trip through Denver.

  • Size6soon

    I’ve been following this story for YEARS! It is now august 2011 and there’s no signs, no construction, nothing. This ‘community’ doesn’t even exist.

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