First Look at West Coast Green Container Showhouse 2008

SG Blocks 2008 Showhouse - West Coast Green

For the past two years, we’ve been media sponsors for the always excellent West Coast Green conference.  WCG pushes the envelope on innovation and sustainability, and this year will be no different.  Today I received renderings of the West Coast Green Showhouse, aka the SG Blocks 2008 Showhouse, built by SG Blocks and designed by The Lawrence Group.  It’s a 1700 sf container home, but you probably can’t tell just by looking.  Sustainability will be number one, with GreenPoint and LEED certification in the plans.  Plus, it seems that ecofabulous will be doing the interior design work, so the home, you can believe, will be modish, posh, and green. 

We’ve talked about SG Blocks previously, they’re a leader in the container construction space.  Containers are abundant and cheap, ranging in price from as low as $500 to $2000+ per module.  They’re also strong and SG Blocks likes to use them to build hurricane-resistant housing. 

You can believe we’ll keep the info flowing because this house is about to get plastered all over the news.

SG Blocks 2008 Showhouse - West Coast Green

SG Blocks 2008 Showhouse - West Coast Green

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  • Annie

    Too cool…..Taking it to a whole new level. Hats off to everyone involved in this break through practical real world application and green advancement.

  • james

    can’t wait to see the showhouse! FYI the ecofabulous website has relaunched at – your post links to the old site. thanks!

    • Preston

      Nice catch, James. I’ve been checking out the new website, but forgot to get the link updated.

  • Rick Harvey

    I would like to see more designs and contact point for builders.

  • Murano Niccan

    Boss..can u tell me how much to make this house using container same design like pic above and convert price to MYR…please..i need to know.. i was 3 years making research about container home and i want it will be my dreams house….please…

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