Giveaway: e² Design Season 1, 2 & Energy 3 PK DVD Set

e2 3 Pack DVD This is part of the Jetson Green birthday giveaway, so make sure to leave a comment by midnight Friday, July 25, 2008, if you want to be considered for the contest.*

We’ve blogged about e² previously because the video series is so absolutely compelling.  You can catch previews of the show at the e² series website, view episodes at Hulu, and buy episodes at iTunes.  With the Brad Pitt-narrated, design season three in production and available for viewing from September 1, 2008, we can expect more incredible information in this delicious video format.  While you’re waiting for the next installment, why not catch up on what’s already been produced?  The critically acclaimed series envisions a better quality of life on earth and explores attainable solutions in a variety of fields: design, energy, transport, water, food, and urban development.  This three pack promotional DVD giveaway is made possible through the generosity of Kontentreal

DVD Description:
"e2: design season one and two examine the economies of being environmentally conscious in green building design of sustainable architecture.  e2: Energy features people, places and innovations that suggest that a more environmentally benign future is possible and within reach.  Equal parts visual style and storytelling acumen, each episode stands alone while contributing to the larger dialogue the e2 series is intended to promote."

Design Season One includes: The Green Apple, Green for All, The Green Machine, Gray to Green, China: From Red to Green, and Deeper Shades of Green.  Design Season Two includes:  The Druk White Lotus School – Ladakh, Greening the Federal Government, Bogota: Building a Sustainable City, Affordable Green Housing, Adaptive Reuse in the Netherlands, and Architecture 2030.  Energy includes: Harvesting the Wind, Energy for a Developing World, Paving the Way, Growing Energy, State of Resolve, and Coal & Nuclear: Problem or Solution. 

How to Purchase (if you don’t win):
If you don’t win, this is the kind of DVD set that you should have in your own collection.  Make sure to pick up a copy at PBS, which is currently selling the 3 Pack DVD set for $64.97. 

*Please read and review the giveaway terms prior to leaving a comment.  To be considered for this giveaway, your comment must be entered prior to midnight mst on Friday, July 25, 2008.  Good luck!

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  • Nick Allen

    Once again congrats on the birthday!

    We don’t get this series in the UK so would live a copy.



  • Darlene

    Happy Birthday! These dvds look amazing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Anonymous

    This is a fascinating series. I would love to add these to my library.

  • Markus T Laumann

    As someone who forgoes cable TV, I was unaware that such a show existed until now. I will be checking Hulu tonight for back episodes…

  • herblady

    Happy birthday #2 to the #1 blog! My DH, an engineer, would love to have these as well. Thank you for the chance to win them!

  • Andrew Stone

    Happy Birthday! Sign me up once again, I would love these!

    • Preston

      Andrew Stone, congratulations, you are the winner of the e2 design & energy promo dvds. I will get with you by email to arrange for giving you the prize.

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday dear Jetson,
    Happy birthday to you!

    How nice of you to give a gift to celebrate your birthday. Thank you!


  • Steve

    Ooh! Ooh!! Pick me!!! Pick me!!!!

  • Eddie Lee

    Another resource! Sign me up!

  • dcgreen

    Happy 2nd!

    I’m an engineering student on a budget and would love this series (they don’t have it on netflix and I don’t have cable)

    My life goal is to be a green building designer and this summer I am writing a proposal to have my college build us a net Zero-Energy Home that we can design and study. So this series could really help.

    l love your blog. Of all the Green blogging sites I have found, this has been the most helpful. I start every day by checking your site looking for inspiration for my work.

  • Anonymous

    happy birthday, jetson. Thanks for sharing the green (and brad pitt) love

  • reddfive

    Happy B-day! Great blog – keep it up!

  • Jay Gifford

    This is a great series……

  • Kyle Cherrick

    Thou shall not covet…


  • James

    Happy Birthday!

  • moderns-r-us

    I was not familiar with this series I will keep an eye out for the new season.

  • Tim Hurst

    Congratulations Preston! You’ve built yourself an excellent blog over the last two years and it is always a pleasure to cruise your pages.

    I’ve seen bits and pieces of the e2 series and would love to add these DVDs to my collection. Thanks for doing this and keep up the great work here at Jetson Green

  • Brad Herritt

    This looks like a great series. Thanks for the chance to win and happy birthday!

  • Martin

    Well done – and great that you have chosen the e2 series.

    Here’s to the next celebration.

    Oh and its good to see you in the world of twittering.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t get my wife to watch public TV during our one hour/day of watching so this would be cool. LOve the site don’t know how you get it all done.

  • Michael

    Happy birthday!!!! Pick me, pickme, pick me! planning to start building green in less than a year and this could help alot.

  • localearth

    Haven’t seen this…seems interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday, Thank you for being a great resource!

  • mark

    thanks for the contest and keep up the good work of showcasing modern green architecture & design

  • Anonymous

    This series looks quite interesting. We had to design a green building for class and this series would have cut down on the days of research we had to do.

  • Anonymous

    it would be nice to pop in the dvd into my computer and watch and learn abit more… architecture student here with great interest in sustainability…. heck I drive a hybrid…. gotta love it

  • Anonymous

    congrats, love the blog!!!

  • sandy g

    Congratulations on 2 years!
    I have seen only a few of the episodes in this series so I’d love it for my collection!

  • atomdari

    today is your birthday?!
    awesome! my birthday is tomorrow. this would totally make up for a birthday that i have to work through.

    wish me luck?
    and i like your bliggity blog. its fun

  • Graham Patterson

    Sounds fantastic, thank you!

  • Mike Wascher

    Happy Birthday!

  • steven

    Hope I Win!
    Looks like a great DVD and Happy Birthday!
    I always make sure to drop in for some interesting environmental titbits.
    Jetson Green was even good enough to feature an article about my little project:—gree.html
    All the best!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday! I don’t know this series and can’t wait to see it. Sounds great.

  • Chad Ludeman

    I like learning through video.

  • Julian Picaza

    Count me in! (and Happy Birthday:)

  • hthompsen

    Serious lust.
    *crosses fingers*

  • Anonymous

    How can cropped Biofuel be good?

  • David

    Happy Birthday!

  • Neutral Existence LLC

    ohh… pick me… pick me…
    Happy birthday, this is a really great blog, I’m hooked.

  • KRS-10

    Happy Birthday! I would love to share this e2 series with all of my friends, family, and aquaintenances who are still trying to understand this green revolution.

  • Victoria Everman

    This is another great one :)

  • Roy

    Happy birthday!

  • Aimee

    This series is so great! I really enjoyed the ones that I have seen.

  • Tyler

    i’m interested to watch these. *crossing fingers.

  • Steve

    This series is sooooooooooooooooo good. I could add this to my collection :)

  • JMT

    Happy Birthday! I’m Broke!

  • jozjozjoz

    This is a great series… I hope I get it!

  • Elaine

    Wow. I tried to buy this through AIA a year ago, and I forgot to check-out. So, here’s my chance… Pick me pick me! :-)

  • blueviolet

    Now this is a fabulous collection. I would love it so I can catch all of the ones I missed.

  • Kim

    Happy Birthday! Count me in, and thanks! I know a few friends who’d love it if I shared this with them!

  • Tany L.

    This would be great. I hope it is uplifting.

  • Anonymous

    Great stuff.

  • christysumner

    me please! I’ll watch it everyday, I promise!

  • Anonymous

    Wow…..Brad Pitt really gets around doesn’t he!!!

  • Gregory Cowan

    These look great. We dont have access to books – letalone videos such as this – here in ‘Outer’ Mongolia – yes the Republic of Mongolia actually, but I could take them with me later this year to Australia and the UK to share.

    Great work on the blog and I hope you will follow mine too.


  • Anonymous

    This sweepstakes has been featured on Sweepstakes Advantage, The Web’s Largest Directory of Free Online Sweepstakes. Good Luck to Everyone!

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday!!!!

    i would love to share this with my friends!
    thank you~

  • Lisa Sharp

    This looks really good!

  • Anonymous

    Count me in, happy anniversary!

  • laura

    I’ll throw my hat in the ring….

  • Mike M

    happy birthday, this looks fantastic!

  • israel y

    nice dvd set and brad pitt is narrating, sounds great, thanks for the chance to win

  • Anonymous

    ill keep my fingers crossed for this one. looks really good.



  • Linda Pinto

    The environment is such a subject of concern. I would love to have the DVD and see what ideas I can find for my own life. Please enter me in the giveaway.

  • judy brittle

    Happy Birthday! This is a great series.

  • Brian

    Happy Birthday! Green is my favorite color :)

  • Erica Johnson

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • Anonymous

    Count me in for this!

  • Ryon

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jetson Green! I’m new to your site but will be recommending it to everyone I know interested in sustainable building!

    Thanks for the giveaway opp!


  • Anonymous

    This sounds great – will look into buying even if I don’t win!

    Happy Birthday!

  • Anonymous

    This sounds great – Happy Birthday!


  • keith james

    thank you for the oppertunity

  • Kristen Hendricks

    I would love to win these DVDs. I really enjoy learning about alternative forms of energy. This is a great giveaway and Happy Birthday. Thanks.

  • eggtea

    Happy b-day. I watched the end of the series on PBS and kept them on my tivo for a few months. It’d be amazing to see more then 3 episodes! I love the series!

  • Anonymous

    I am honored to share the same birthday as my favorite blog although we are separated by more than a few years. This is a great series. I love you, JG!

  • Rickey Moham JR

    WIN WIN WIN!!!

  • Anonymous

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!

    Also, please count me in for this giveaway!!! I’d love to win!

  • Michelle

    I really enjoy your blog, I run across it often in my searches. And it is so sexy too, nice to show the treehuggers can be hipsters. Keep up the hard work. Congrats on your birthday! Cheers, Michelle

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