Giveaway: Building Green With Kevin Contreras Season One DVD

Buildinggreen_2 This is part of the Jetson Green birthday giveaway, so make sure to leave a comment by midnight Friday, July 25, 2008, if you want to be considered for the contest.*

If you’re a Jetson Green reader and you haven’t heard of Building Green, then you must be living on another planet.  Building Green originally aired on PBS (and other public television channels), and the entire season one experience has been newly released as a DVD set.  As a result of the generosity of Building Green, here’s your chance to watch the entire season: That’s 325 minutes packed into three incredible DVDs.  Host Kevin Contreras will take you through 13 of the following episodes: Breaking ground, The Foundation, Framing and Roofing, Straw Bales, Doors and Windows, Exterior Finishes, Interior Finishes, Floors and Closets, Lighting, Water, Landscaping, Interior Design, and The Grand Finale.  That’s pretty much everything you need to know to build a green home from start to finish. 

DVD Description:
"Building Green is pioneering and entertaining television with an eco-friendly twist, on a mission to inspire viewers to discover just how easy, cost-effective and healthy it can be to go green, and to dispel myths about environmentally-conscious lifestyles.  Host Kevin Contreras leads an interactive exploration of green building techniques and alternatives, from the eye-popping extreme to the green maintsream, all while demonstrating that healthy choices don’t mean sacrificing style or comfort."

How to Purchase (if you don’t win):
If you don’t win, this is the kind of DVD that you should have in the collection.  Make sure to pick up a copy at PBS or WGBH.  Both places sell the set for $49.95, unless you have member benefits. 

*Please read and review the giveaway terms prior to leaving a comment.  To be considered for this giveaway, your comment must be entered prior to midnight mst on Friday, July 25, 2008.  Good luck!

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  • Nick Allen

    Congrats on the birthday Preston! 2 years ! Yeha.

    Would love to take a copy of this for my in-laws who are about to build.

    I’ve been following your second year and love checking the reader in the morning of your latest posts.
    Keep it up!



  • Roxie

    Great blog! I’m a couple of years away from building, but am always on the lookout for good, small design.

    I’d love to win the Building Green set.

    Happy Birthday!

  • Jennae @ Green Your Decor

    A step-by-step guide to green building would be right up my alley. Just what I need to put me in true visionary mode. These are some truly awesome giveaways!

  • Darlene

    Happy Birthday! Would love to win this, thanks!

  • Andrew

    Keep up the good work. As an FYI – and in the interest of being green – you can buy this season digitally (read no discs and no packaging) at iTunes at Also happens to be quite a bit less expensive ($19.99 vs. $49.99)

  • herblady

    Happy second birthday, JG! I would love to own these DVDs so I can plan my retirement home. :)

  • Andrew Stone

    I have a client that would absolutely love to have this and if I win I will pass it on.

  • Eddie Lee

    I just started in learning about green building and would love to add this to my growing resources and learn more.

  • Steve

    Ooh! Ooh!! Pick me!!! Pick me!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i love this series!!

    i also echo steve’s sentiments above.

  • Jay Gifford

    Happy Birthday to you….Happy birthday to you….Happy Birday dear J. Green….

  • Anonymous

    Never heard of this…..Give it here. I need. I need.

  • James

    Happy Birthday!

  • Anonymous

    JG and I share the same birthdate except I’m a half century older! I’ve recently gone back to college to study green design and building. A day doesn’t go by I don’t check the blog. Would love to have this series. Keep up the good work.

  • moderns-r-us

    Love the blog and wishing it a happy birthday!

    Now this series I have seen and there are some good episodes!

  • Anonymous

    Planning to build green someday soon, once I get enough of the evil green. Would love this. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Green building is more than about designing them to look good painted green.

  • Michael Waner

    Happy birthday!!!! Pick me, pickme, pick me! planning to start building green in less than a year and this could help alot.

  • localearth

    Happy Birthday Jetson Green!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday!, I think this would be very educational for a young architect like me.

  • Anonymous

    a happy straw bailed house… an architecture student and a dvd…. what might come out of this? hopefully good for many

  • Elaine

    Happy Birthday, and Congratulations on your success with JG, Preston! Unfortunately, I missed this series when it was on and would love to have a copy of the DVD… especially as I make upgrades to my “green” home.

    • Preston

      Congratulations Elaine, you are the winner! I will be sending you an email shortly.

  • Adam P

    Giving away presents on your own birthday…that’s pretty cool…

  • sandy g

    This is my favorite green building portal – you bring the best stuff to the magic box on my desk – keep up the good work!

  • Mike W

    Congratulations! I can always count on you to bring the newest and best information to your blog everyday, keep it up!

  • Mike Wascher


  • steven

    Hope I Win!
    Great idea and Happy Birthday!
    I always make sure to drop in for some interesting environmental titbits.
    Jetson Green was even good enough to feature an article about my little project:—gree.html
    All the best!

  • Chad Ludeman

    I want to see Kevin build some green homes.

  • Julian Picaza

    Count me in! (and Happy Birthday:)


  • hthompsen

    As previously mentioned, these really are some *great* giveaways. Jetson Green once again ruling it hardcore. I think I have extra lust for this one in particular. Ever since ditching television altogether, DVD’s are the only way I catch a quality series.
    Keep up the great work, and happy berfday!

  • David


  • Neutral Existence LLC

    Thanks again for your free give-aways. Great blog!

  • KRS-10

    Happy Birthday!
    I have never heard of this series! Sounds very interesting!

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    woo hoo! happy birthday

  • jozjozjoz

    This is a great series… I hope I get it!

  • Kim

    Happy Birthday! Count me in, and thanks!

  • Tany L.

    excellent. May i recommend a book called “little house on a small planet” by
    Shay Salomon.

  • Anonymous

    Again Happy B’Day!

  • Anonymous

    Would love to see the episode on lighting!

  • Anonymous

    This sweepstakes has been featured on Sweepstakes Advantage, The Web’s Largest Directory of Free Online Sweepstakes. Good Luck to Everyone!

  • Anonymous

    Newbie to the States, would be great to see a program like this, missing Kevin McCloud of Grand Designs, so I need a new Kevin.

  • Lisa Sharp

    I would love this, my husband and I are buying a house soon and hope to make it more green.

  • israel y

    I can always use tip to be more green, thanks

  • Anonymous

    great gift, thanks



  • Erica Johnson

    This is perfect! I am trying to get my university to build a new construction to LEED gold and would love to educate the students more!

  • judy brittle

    My daughter and her husband are planning to build their own home. They would love this.

  • Brian

    Throw my name in the hat!

  • Anonymous

    This would be great to help do some renovations around my home. Count me in!

  • Ryon

    it to everyone I know interested in sustainable building!

    Thanks for the giveaway opp!


  • laura

    this series sounds great. count me in

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