[Updated] Gore Challenges Nation to 100% Renewable Energy Within 10 Years

Not unlike John F. Kennedy’s goal to land a man on the moon, Al Gore challenges the nation to produce every kilowatt of electricity through wind, sun, and other earth-friendly sources within 10 years.  Here are some links …

[+] The (Annotated) Gore Energy Speech [NY Times]
[+] Former V.P. Lays Down a Green Gauntlet [WSJ]
[+] Gore sets ‘moon shot’ goal on climate change [AP]

Feel free to state your thoughts and opinions below …

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  • Anonymous

    Al Gore is not very green, http://www.businessweek.com/innovate/NussbaumOnDesign/archives/2007/02/gores_carbon_fo.html

    Even if he offset all his carbon pollution (in ways that were not just short term and fraudulent) he is still far more consumptive than any one human has the right to be.

    Then man is not some eco-Mahātmā and never will be.

  • http://www.globalwarming-factorfiction.com Sean O

    It seems that Mr. Gore has changed his marketing message. While he still makes multiple claims that are a little hard to substantiate, he doesn’t seem to be making the wild claims he did in An Inconvenient Truth (see http://globalwarming-factorfiction.com/2007/10/26/35-inconvenient-truths-the-errors-in-al-gores-movie-part-1-of-5/)

    Now, Mr. Gore is taking the energy independence tactic. This is much more realistic and more people are likely to make “sacrifices” for the sake of energy independence if we state that we have to break away from the Mideast and destroy their power over us. He seems to put a lot of his reliance on solar energy though and we should probably include nuclear and hydrogen in that discussion.

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      I don’t know why everyone’s been so focused on climate change alone anyway when the other environmental issues are implicated at the same time. We should focus on climate change solutions that address both climate change and other environmental issues at the same time.

  • http://www.squidoo.com Homemade Wind Generator

    Hmmm. 10 years seems a bit unrealistic, but I love the fact that people are building their own homemade wind generators to get off the grid and capture all that lovely kinetic energy floating about for free!

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