Blu Homes Launches Convenient, Green, Affordable Abodes


So I have some renderings and information on Blu Homes, and I've also spoken with the folks in charge of this company.  They're serious about building homes that are green, convenient, affordable, and also perfectly sized.  The management team has considerable experience in this industry and I expect to see great things.  Plus, with homes in development in both Utah and Massachusetts, you may be able to catch a live walk-through as early as this winter.  So let's get a small preview. 

First, to get an idea of the philosophy behind BLU, make sure to watch this video of Bill Haney, Co-Founder and President of the company.  I think you'll agree with most everything he says — the company is certainly on to something:

Second, let's look into what they'll provide.  BLU has several basic designs, including a one bedroom, two bedroom rural, two bedroom urban, flexible space, and a studio design.  None of the homes are large in size.  They're just right for the occupants, featuring open floor plans that are smartly and passively designed. 



Each home can be individually customized to a family's needs — so you choose the kitchen, exterior cladding, fixtures, window locations, etc.  If you want a bedroom with a NanaWall and a porch to slide the bed out under the stars, you can probably have that done, too. 

BLU estimates that their homes, which are manufactured off-site, cause 50-75% less carbon emissions than traditional construction.  Plus, they're designed to focus on three main environmental considerations: healthy living, energy efficiency, and renewable resources.  They'll use Cradle to Cradle products, where possible, and a slew of other green design features and elements. 

Go browse the videos and information at Blu Homes.  Since they have a home in development here in Salt Lake City, this won't be the last time we talk about going BLU.  And did I say they're affordable?  They're planned in the range of $50k – $350k, of course, depending on the design and customizations. 



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  • Michael Keating

    you mean it won’t be the LAST time! Can’t wait to hear more about these guys.

    • Preston

      Nice catch, what in the world was I thinking?

  • Eddie Starr

    I like the idea of the studio, visit their website

  • Anonymous

    Preston, Can we go see this house? I love them.

    • Preston

      You better believe it. When they come back in town, I’ll email you to introduce you to the crew. I think the first development will be in the Capitol Hill area of SLC.

      • Anonymous

        Awesome. I wonder if they’ll build a cabin in the woods for me. Their
        rural design reminds me a bit of the house I designed for our lot. Right
        now we live in a 600 sq foot cabin in Brighton Estates. Do you know where
        that is? If you know Guardsman Pass, which runs from Big Cottonwood to Park
        City, we live in he canyon between them. Beautiful place.

        How did your deadline’s go?


        • Preston

          I’ve never been up that way, but CEO Holly from Green Rising said she saw your place last week and absolutely loved it.

          Plus, I’m pretty sure building a cabin is the exact kind of thing that Blu Homes could do. I’ll send you some contacts outside the comments if you want them.

          • Anonymous

            yes please!

  • Uncle B

    Americans are on the verge of desperately needing “Zero running cost, Zero upkeep” cheap, practical survival dwellings! Due to the $700 billion fiasco OPEC has embarked on “Purchasing Power Parity Pricing” for oil, and China and Japan have recoiled from our “Fiat” – ‘print as you go’ money system. Even if we have to pay for them in Euros, good practical sensible and affordable accommodation will soon overtake McMansions and huge mortgages. we are now a third world people with extreemly rich and greedy overlords and must learn to live this way from now on. No more dreams, juat the hard assed truth! Wake Up America, Last Call!

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