I teased this earlier in the week, but today — July 23, 2008 — is the two year blog birthday for Jetson Green.  Seriously.  It’s actually been two years and we’ve been going strong every day, having a dang good time in the process.  In the tradition of the blogosphere, we’re celebrating the blog birthday, but we decided to use the ocassion to celebrate you, the reader.  We appreciate your feedback, emails, comments, tips, and everything you bring to the Jetson Green community.  It’s tough to say thanks in a meaningful way for giving us another good year, but here’s how we’ll try:

We’re throwing a party and giving out some great green gifts. 

Like our book giveaways in the past, you just need to drop a comment in the article for each green giveaway that you want to participate in.  By all means, participate in all of them!  As always, though, we’re required to have these legal giveaway terms.  Giveaways will be open until midnight mountain standard time on Friday, July 25, 2008.  After that, I’ll pick a random number for each article, which number corresponds to the comments in the order received, and I’ll email the winners for a physical address.  If you win and email your address back to me, your green gift will be in the mail next week. 

Here’s what we’re giving away. 

At the same time, if you have any suggestions about anything, feel free to say something below or email us at [email protected]  How about another excellent year?