Jetson Green Celebrates Two Year Blog Birthday, Starts Green Gift Giveaway!


I teased this earlier in the week, but today — July 23, 2008 — is the two year blog birthday for Jetson Green.  Seriously.  It’s actually been two years and we’ve been going strong every day, having a dang good time in the process.  In the tradition of the blogosphere, we’re celebrating the blog birthday, but we decided to use the ocassion to celebrate you, the reader.  We appreciate your feedback, emails, comments, tips, and everything you bring to the Jetson Green community.  It’s tough to say thanks in a meaningful way for giving us another good year, but here’s how we’ll try:

We’re throwing a party and giving out some great green gifts. 

Like our book giveaways in the past, you just need to drop a comment in the article for each green giveaway that you want to participate in.  By all means, participate in all of them!  As always, though, we’re required to have these legal giveaway terms.  Giveaways will be open until midnight mountain standard time on Friday, July 25, 2008.  After that, I’ll pick a random number for each article, which number corresponds to the comments in the order received, and I’ll email the winners for a physical address.  If you win and email your address back to me, your green gift will be in the mail next week. 

Here’s what we’re giving away. 

At the same time, if you have any suggestions about anything, feel free to say something below or email us at [email protected]  How about another excellent year?

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  • Manuel Colunga-Hernandez

    The 23rd of July is my birthday… 23Jul1952… guess I am 54 years older than this blog, however been studying the ways of Mother Earth for a long time as well… It only makes sense that one who lives on the only known inhabited planet would want to take care of the home on which one lives.
    Respectfully yours,
    Manuel Colunga-Hernandez
    rural Deer River MN USA

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations on two years! I recently found your blog and hope for more.

    • Preston

      Thanks for the support Yuri. We’ll certainly keep everything coming! And feel free to submit a tip or link if you see something worth mentioning.

  • Chad Ludeman

    Congrats on the anniversary. Looking forward to more great stuff in the future. Educate us. We are thirsty green sponges!

  • bestgreenblogs

    Preston, congrats on your blogiversary! Keep up the wonderful, informative postings. You are an inspiration to many people in the green design and sustainable architecture and construction fields..

    • Preston

      Thanks for the kind words BGB and Chad — always great inspiration to get feedback from friends in the green blogosphere.

  • green LA girl

    Happy birthday! :)

  • Marc Gunther

    Congratulations, Jetson.
    From little acorns do big oaks grow.
    You’ve done a great job.
    But when do you sleep?
    (And I will never forget your blog’s birthday since it is my wife’s bday, too.)

  • Timothy S

    Happy Birthday!
    plus….God bless our troops

  • KRS-10

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for blogging the green revolution, quality green sources are hard to come by, yours ranks up high on my list!

  • Victoria Everman

    Who could resist such a great giveaway from one of the best green blogs – I’m in! :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi JetsonGreen! I just found out about you from another comment-leaver who was outraged that you were not included on’ Top 50 Architecture Blogs. The comment-leaver said that yours was the best green architecture blog out there, so of course I had to come right over and check you out!

    I think you’re cool, so I encouraged my readers at to come on over and visit you too.

    • Preston

      ArchitectureAddiction – thanks for dropping by. We like to be included in lists, but sometimes the website just flies under that radar. We’re okay with that so long as we keep making a difference where it counts. Keep in touch!

      Thanks Siel, Marc, Timothy, KRS-10, Victoria, Robyn, and Shea!

  • Robyn

    Very exciting! Good job on going strong for two years. :)

  • Shea Gunther

    Wow, has it been two years already? The time is going by too quick!

    Happy 2 years Preston! JG is the best green building blog on the web and I can’t wait to see where you bring in two years from now.


  • Anonymous

    Congratulations on 2 wonderful and informative years. Every little bit counts. When we all do a little it helps a lot; your blog makes that easier to accomplish! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Happy anniversary !

  • Lisa F

    Happy anniversary—-and thanks for the great contest

  • Anonymous

    happy birthday

  • orangemenace

    Congrats on the birthday Preston – and the great giveaway.

  • greengiftsONLYplease

    Congrats on the 2 year Anny! You have a wonderful “GREEN” ideas!

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