5ive Home Secures LEED Platinum


A little over a year ago, we featured Shelter Architecture’s 5ive and later placed it on our Top Five Super Green Modern Homes list.  In a year, a lot has happened.  The home is now complete.  It’s going to be honored with a 2008 AIA-MN Rave Award.  And now, the USGBC has officially certified it as a LEED Platinum home.  Congratulations on the noteworthy accomplishments!

So hey, if you haven’t given this home a look, take a moment to scroll down and be inspired.  It’s a modern, green abode that’s also a healthy home.  It’s close to mass transit and community services, and it exceeds energy code by about 35%.

5ive is the first new home in Minnesota to be certified as a LEED Platinum home.

The first LEED Platinum home in Minnesota overall is a remodel and it’s an incredible green home, too.  5ive received Innovation in Design points for Site Stewardship, Water Efficiency, and Material Efficiency.  But moving beyond certification, Shelter says: “it’s a true testament to how a home can create a sustainable lifestyle.”  Homes changing lifestyles, lifestyles changing homes — this is what we’re going for.






Make sure to view all the images at Shelter Architecture.

Photo credits: Jeff Gallo.

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  • http://rolu.tumblr.com matt olson

    hi preston,

    after seeing this post this afternoon, i ran over and took a couple new pics. it’s even better in person. really really cool project.


    hope you’re well.


  • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

    Wow, Matt, I’m glad you did — the colors are perfect and the pictures are unbelievable!

  • http://blog.trentgilliss.com trentgilliss

    Do you know what happened to the structure that was on this lot previously?

  • Anonymous

    I’ m really enjoying the concept, the pictures, and the info !

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