Wind Turbines Big and Small at WINDPOWER 2008


This is a guest post provided by Maria Surma Manka direct from WINDPOWER 2008.  Maria writes about renewable energy policy, innovation, and private sector leadership at Maria Energia.

Greetings from Houston, site of the American Wind Energy Association’s WINDPOWER 2008 conference. I am a guest of AWEA and have spent the last few days meeting several of the 12,000 attendees and visiting many of the nearly 800 exhibitors.  Below are some of the interesting small wind turbine designs I found.

Dallas-based Broadstar Windsystems makes the AeroCam turbine that can be used in urban areas and even to infill rural wind farms (in other words, put these shorter, smaller turbines in between the big ones). What’s more, Broadstar made the bold claim that this turbine could achieve $1 per watt installed.


The three following photos are small turbines from IR Windpower. They currently manufacture both large and small designs throughout Asia, but they’re eying the European and U.S. markets next.




This turbine from KR Windpower stands only about 4-5 feet off the ground. The company is based in Korea, with offices in China and California:



Small wind from Bergey Windpower:



From Proven Energy:


This vertical turbine is from Hi Energy. The poster in the photo shows examples of how the turbine can be used. I couldn’t find a website for the company but this is a video of the turbine in action.



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  • Greg Werner
  • Preston

    @Greg Werner – thanks for the quick catch and link. The post has been updated with the URL.

  • Residential Wind Power

    Great Post! It is good to see fresh thinking with the design of wind turbines.

    Residential Wind Power is definately gaining good ground as a replacement to traditional energy methods.

    Drop by my blog sometime and have a look at Tim

  • Alexander

    Wind power is not a solution.
    The whole truth about wind turbines is never told by lobbyists and governments.
    How could the very weak and extremely unreliable initial energy source of a wind turbine ever produce a steady power of any significance?
    Please think!
    And read: “Wind energy- the whole truth” at:
    And to show how completely irrelevant wind power is in regard to the worldwide energy and climate crisis visit the following link:
    And play around with the charts you see there (The BP charts regarding energy reserves and energy consumption worldwide over the last 20 to 40 years.) and make some calculations. And if you don´t get confused with the zeros, you will get my point.
    The resources now poured into futile, but very ingenious and high-tech windmills, could be far better used for, for example:
    1) Burning coal in a cleaner way,
    2) Efficiency of energy use in the broadest sense of the word
    3) Promoting a drastic change of life style (There are about 6.5 billion people, who all have the right to have some energy to their disposal).
    Just 3 ideas.

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