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Looking for a simple, affordable, and eco-friendly way to furnish a home?  Check out Victory Vintage Home for vintage furniture and accessories.  One of the most environmentally friendly things that you can do is to re-use materials that already exist.  Even new, environmentally-friendly materials often have some negative impact on the environment.  For instance, furniture made from bamboo is called eco-friendly because bamboo is a rapidy renewable resource, but you then have to figure in the distance that bamboo usually travels to get to the United States.  You would also want to know how it was harvested and a variety of other environmentally important factors.

Vintage, antique, and just plain second-hand materials have none of these implications. 

The only factor to consider is shipping distance.  If you don’t have the time to devote to perusing yards sales, estate sales, and flea markets, a shop like Victory Vintage Home, located in Decatur, Georgia, may be just the thing for you.  Victory Vintage Home offers a great selection of vintage furniture and accessories for the home.  The majority of these are in the Mid-Century Modern style and would look incredibly chic in a contemporary, modern home, or even an eclectic home. 

Some of my favorite items are the lamps and the buffets, or sideboards.  Prices are reasonable: small lamps start around $50, a pair of 50s caned wood chairs are going for $185, and a neat 60s buffet is on sale for $550.  New items are added on a regular basis and there’s nothing as unique for you home as a piece that may be the only one of its kind (as many pieces may have slight modifications from the original such as a fresh new paint job). 

So, if you’re on the East Coast, Victory Vintage Home may be the perfect place to shop when furnishing your "green" home.  Even if you’re on the West Coast, shipping may be more eco-friendly than for anything made outside the country.  Visit Victory Vintage Home‘s website — it’s easy to navigate and has great photos of their current stock.

This article is Part 1 in a two part series on vintage furnishings.  Check in next week to read about another vintage furnishing shop in a different part of the country.


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