The Landscape House

This is The Landscape House, a concept designed by Maul Dwellings that won the AIA’s 2006 Committee on Design competition to design "A House for an Ecologist."  Although the concept was originally planned as field residence for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, it’s also an example of the smart integration of design, technology, and sustainability.  The Landscape House features a double roof to enhance natural air circulation, operable louvered shutters that harvest energy, a Water Pod that houses all the efficient plumbing systems, and a solar dehumidifier unit that captures moisture from the air to produce distilled drinking water. 

dhjlfdjkfThe design also calls for healthy, renewable materials throughout and a small footprint to minimize disruption to the site.  And if the structure ever gets built, it’s been designed for deconstruction and reuse.  So all in all, everything seems well thought out and, like the writers at Inhabitat, we’d like to see it get built.