SolarDuct PV/T

Conserval Engineering just announced the release of their newest product, SolarDuct PV/T, which is a rooftop solar PV system that goes beyond generating renewable energy from on-site solar power.  With the SolarDuct PV/T system, solar panels are mounted on metal collector panels that channel excess heat from the solar array into the building’s HVAC system.  As a result, this system, which is part photovoltaic and part thermal, can generate electricity and put heat to use when heat is needed in the building.

Conserval Engineering estimates that its SolarDuct PV/T system can reach a total operating efficiency of over 50%, thereby reducing the ROI time frame on the entire investment.  With a faster payback, companies might just be more inclined to invest in a SolarDuct rooftop system, even without favorable state and local incentives. 

These models further explain how the system works:

Model Model2

The company anticipates that its cogeneration system will help make PV investments financially approachable in standard commercial, industrial, and institutional applications.  Further, the use of these all-metal collectors for mounting the panels might just standardize installations and conserve costs associated with that portion of the investment, too. 

Metal Collector

Solar Duct