LVL Home With Subtle Flashes of Red


I'm amazed by what can be found on Flickr.  Just in the last couple weeks, someone posted photos of their friend's LVL home by Rocio Romero.  It's quite nice both inside and out.  And we've talked about Rocio Romero prefabs before, including this Napa LV Home and this Arkansas LVL Home, and what's interesting is: how they're customized.  Every Rocio Romero home starts with a primary focus on quality, sustainability, and design — from there, owners tend to add their own personality to the inside and out. 

Although I don't have precise details on this home (it's just a Flickr find), LVL homes are about 1453 sf, ~25' x 60', and include a living room, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and closets.  That's pretty incredible for a home that starts out costing $42k. 

Romero also focuses on sustainability.   Here's the information from her website: "Our designs are environmentally friendly.  We embrace the beauty of the landscape by visually bringing the outdoors in.  We use environmentally friendly materials and we employ prefabricated systems to minimize used resources.  We design our homes to be energy efficient and flat pack our products to minimize the space required for shipping, using less fuel and creating fewer truck emissions.  We work together with our customers to come up with creative green solutions that offer cleaner air as well as consume less energy, such as solar power, radiant heating, and swamp coolers.

If anyone can drop a comment stating where this home is located, that would be great. 




Bedroom Glassback

Photos via GirlintheGreenDress.

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  • Mike M

    A rollover in the Flickr gallery says Maine.

    • Preston

      Good catch – I’ve noticed a few other posts since this post and they’re saying there was a tour of this house in Maine.

  • JUST COOL Design Blog

    i love these houses

  • Ryan

    Eliot, Maine specifically, and many others are built/are being built across the country. Look up the Projects section of for more.

    • Preston

      Ryan, I’ve spent hours just wandering through that website and it’s beyond me that I never noticed that page! Thanks for the heads up there. Rocio Romero Projects.

  • Tandem42

    See the New York Times for 19 April — nice story with loots of photos — looks like a similar house.

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