Greensburg 547

Just a little over a year ago, on May 4, 2007, Greensburg, Kansas was smashed by a tornado that pretty much decimated everything.  Since that time, the city has made news all over the world for its ambitions to rebuild everything in an environmentally-friendly way.  City buildings larger than about 4000 sf will be LEED Platinum, etc.  So this building, 547 Arts Center, is an example of the green reconstruction process going on in Greensburg.  547 Arts Center is the first building certified as LEED Platinum in Kansas and has some incredible green elements — not to mention three small wind turbines twirling away above the roof line. 

Designed and constructed by 22 University of Kansas architecture students and faculty from the Studio 804 graduate design/build program, 547 Arts Center was prefabricated in seven modules and incorporated a number of green features that pushed it towards LEED Platinum certification:


  • On-site wind turbines and PV panels
  • Geothermal climate control
  • Use of recycled building materials
  • White roof that reflects heat
  • Green roof blocks on the white roof
  • Rainwater harvesting through gutters/downspouts
  • High fly ash content in concrete
  • Wood exterior from planks harvested in abandoned building

Although 547 Arts Center isn't a city building and wasn't obligated to receive LEED Platinum through Greensburg's new green building ordinance, it went through the certification process anyway.  The small city is serious about its reconstruction, and this incredible building is the first of many that will evidence its green commitment.   We'll make sure to keep you updated on what's new in Greensburg as projects approach completion. 

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All photos via Modern_r_us.