DeFreitas Home Raises Bar for Modern Green Design

Sometimes the images just don’t tell the whole story and that’s where some quality video will do the trick.  I stumbled upon this video while doing research for a prior story and was blown away by the modern, green home.  It’s ridiculous — probably a dream residence for many of you out there.  The passive design, combined with good insulation, high performance glass, solar thermal panels, radiant flooring heating, and an efficient system, keeps this home operating very efficiently. 

The modern green elements such as Zodiaq GreenGuard certified counters, Energy Star appliances, LED lighting, transom windows, 3Form panels, recycled glass tiles, Cor-Ten siding, drought tolerant landscaping, and plush artificial lawns make this swank dwelling a bona fide knockout.  Happy Friday and enjoy the video!

[+] Kevin deFreitas Architects – KdA
[+] Architect Kevin deFreitas Shows His Green Home

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  • Anonymous

    Wow! Very interesting video! I believe your personal experience will be a powerful motivator for people who are on the fence regarding the use of green products for their home.
    Thanks for the update!

    • Preston

      Thanks for dropping by lisetrise! Lots more good vids from the same group at re:source.

  • Anonymous

    Nice home and video. My message is more about a comment made by the owner. The dish washer uses 8 gallons with is equivalent to 30 liters. we are used to dishwashers that use less water in Europe.

    A quick search on a major manufacturer’s home page found dishwashers using as little as 12 liters in eco mode (3.2 gallons).

    What surprised me most was the difference between the US web site and the European web site. The US web site offered very little information (or none) about the water consumption while boasting about having the most energy efficient and most silent dish washers. On the European website, the water consumption is listed clearly.

    The part about xeriscaping was also very interesting.

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