Recently I was able to speak with Matthew Linden of ConsciousBuild, a San Luis Obispo-based company that’s trying to make an eco-friendly contribution to the luxury home and lifestyle market.  ConsciousBuild is ramping up a website to be launched in July that aims to provide podcasts, videos, and access to information on green building practices, techniques, and materials.  Their first project, ConsciousBuildOne, or CBOne, was designed in the vernacular of Contemporary American Farmhouse and flies in the face of the notion that a green building needs to take any one particular form or shape.  Serving as both a residence and office, Linden hopes CBOne will be used as an educational model for the latest in eco products, techniques, and technologies.  Here’s what’s planned for the building:

  • Passive solar design
  • High volume fly ash used for all footings and foundation work
  • Blown-in cellulose insulation made from 85% recycled newspapers
  • All framing lumber is FSC certified
  • Loewen dual-glazed, low E, grey glass windows
  • Formaldehyde free, wheat-board cabinetry
  • Countertops and tiles made from recycled content
  • Energy Star appliances throughout the home
  • Healthy, low-VOC paints throughout the home
  • Solar panels to provide electricity
  • Native, drought tolerant landscaping
  • Use of grey water to irrigate the landscaping

As you can tell from the images, CBOne is approaching completion and should be done in October of this year.  It’s a 6000 sf structure, which absolutely enormous and contravenes the growing mentality to live lighter and smaller.  But, as we’ve talked about and seen before, this is the status quo in "green" luxury home building.  Due to it’s size, CBOne will likely be used for various activities in addition to living.  I think ConsciousBuild really wants to keep it and use it as a showroom for their nascent business, but I’m sure you could nab it at the right price!

Conscious Build One



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