The Carbon-Free Home So Chelsea Green was kind enough to pass along a copy of Stephen and Rebekah Hren’s new book officially titled The Carbon-Free Home: 36 Remodeling Projects to Help Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit.  As always, I’ve handled the book with care and will give it away to one lucky, random commenter below.*  To give you an idea of the quality material contained in the book, here’s a review comment from the green guru Bill McKibben: "It’s hard to imagine a more comprehensive, and comprehensible, guide to making your home work for you and for the planet, inside and out.  It’s frugal, it’s sensible, and it will help!"  I’d like to echo the comments of Bill McKibben myself, because this book is completely legit. 

I’ve found this book to be incredibly resourceful — it’s thorough, practical, and authentic.  Plus, the authors know what they’re talking about. 

The Carbon-Free Home is meant to be a guide for the owner or renter of an existing home who is motivated to reduce and eliminate his/her use of nonrenewable fossil fuel energy and the emissions associated with such energy usage.  To do that, the authors created a neat Table of Projects explaining each of 36 green remodeling projects, including the time it takes to do any given project, the cost of the project, the energy saved by the project, whether the project is renter-friendly, and the skills required to complete the project. 

For instance, let’s say you’re thinking of installing a rain barrel.  The Table of Projects says installing a rain barrel will take an afternoon, cost anywhere from $20-$100, result in little energy saved, and can be installed with basic carpentry and plumbing skills.  The table also tells you where to find more information on the project in the book.

The Carbon-Free Home goes into detail explaining several helpful home renovation tips, such as building a horizontal trellis for shading, installing a closed-loop pressurized solar water heater, insulating a hot-water tank and hot-water pipes, and sealing drafts and unused windows, etc.  Lots of good information in here so make sure you go pick up a copy. 

The Carbon-Free Home Can Be Purchased At: Amazon or Chelsea Green.

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