Impressive Vader Garage Rehab in Philly

Cor-ten Facade

The folks at 100k House noticed this green garage rehab that’s for sale on Craigslist.  As background, three University of Pennsylvania Master of Architecture majors agreed to forgo the traditional route of finding summer internships and decided to buy, design, and rehab a house in Philly.  The result is this stylish renovation with undeniable appeal.  My two favorite aspects of the design are (1) the Cor-Ten facade that provides both privacy from the outside and visibility from the inside, and (2) the courtyard area that separates the living room, kitchen and office, and bedroom area (it’s nice to have a buffer between the noisy tv room and sleeping areas).

++2062 E Fletcher Street, Philly, PA 19125 [flickr set]

Here are some of the green aspects of the renovation:

  • Interior courtyard leading to rooftop
  • 600 sf green roof
  • 200 sf rooftop patio with recycled tire pavers
  • Bamboo flooring throughout
  • On-demand electric water heater
  • 5 min. walk to downtown subway

I can’t imagine modern, green living getting much better than this.





Bathroom Sink Shower

Fletcher Street Rehab Cutaway

Credits: Rossfindly.

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  • elaine

    wow! that’s a steal compared to the “green” new urbanism infill house that we just bought for a cool $801K… (ouch)

    we’re house #584 (the one without photos, similar to the “eco-modern garden home”)

  • Preston

    @elaine – wow! love those infill houses and happy you were able to snag one. When you move in, maybe we should swap photos and write an article about it???

  • erik

    Great project! How did they detail the corten and glass so it looks seamless, with the glass tinted from the outside, but clear from the inside?

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