Have a restful weekend and make sure to check your email on Monday morning, May 19th, because the USGBC is set to open LEED v3 / LEED 2009 to public comment.

The first step in the process is simply sorting through the new naming convention.  The overall initiative (LEED Version 3) is designed to improve LEED project execution, documentation, and certification.  There are three key pieces:

  • LEED 2009 (LEED Rating System Updates/Revisions)
  • Revision to LEED certification process
  • LEED Online v3

Based on early information, it appears that USGBC is trying to strike a balance between incorporating technical advances in green building science while continuing to capitalize on LEED’s rapid market update.  Trying to please both early adopters and mainstream audiences may prove to be difficult task. All the while, LEED critics will begin pouring over the documents for areas to focus their attacks.

One area in particular, will be the subject of a lot of interest: The use of Life Cycle Assessment in LEED.  According to Michelle Moore, Senior Vice President, Policy & Public Affairs for USGBC, “a separate, yet related process to integrate LCA into LEED will be opened for public comment in Summer 2008.”  Stay tuned for that one.

If you really can’t wait for Monday, the USGBC has a five-page LEED 2009 Vision Executive Summary [pdf] available.  Enjoy your last quiet weekend.