Sustainable Eucalyptus Flooring by Duro Design

Eucalyptus Floor

Duro Design is offering a beautiful collection of eco-friendly Eucalyptus flooring.  The wood is grown in managed forests in Europe and is available in 12 colors ranging from gray to natural to a warm apricot color.  Premium German and Swiss pigments give the flooring its wonderful tints and depth of color. 

It is treated with 6 coats of MP765 low-VOC Urethane giving it incredibly durability.  This particular Urethane allows you to refinish the floor without sanding or stripping, which is an incredible advantage.  The flooring comes with a 25 year structural warranty as well as a five year finish warranty.  The tongue and groove boards may be glued down or nailed, as conventional wood floors. 

Duro Design’s Eucalyptus flooring has a beautiful exotic grained appearance.  The colors are warm, inviting, and varied.  All this plus wonderful durability make Eucalyptus a great eco-choice if you’re looking for a slightly less traditional, exotic looking wood flooring.  Feel free to contact Duro Design directly from their website for samples, pricing, and dealers.

Eucalyptus Floor

Eucalyptus Floor

Grey Patina Apricot Natural

  • Mandi @ Sphere Trending

    This is great, I am getting the feeling that bamboo is old news, so maybe eucalyptus is new-news?

  • Bryan

    Without Forest Stewardship Council certification how can you verify that this material was sustainably grown and harvested? What kind of glues are used in the manufacturing? I’m still trying to figure out why this product is “eco-friendly”…? The only company I’m aware of doing truely eco-friendly flooring is

  • Dan Triano

    Eucalyptus plantations are not at all green by nature. They deplete the water table and can cause salinity in soil that kills surrounding native vegetation. Unless it’s FSC-certified, don’t believe the ‘green’ hype. Also, there is misleading and/or incorrect info on Duro Design’s website about certification and LEED credits. They have not done their homework at all.

  • ian king

    It appears Duro’s eucalyptus is PEFC-certified (the largest 3rd-party forestry certification organization in the world)The eucalyptus flooring is solid wood- hence no glues.
    And no, the website you plugged is not the only one to sell “eco-friendly” flooring.
    Dan, I don’t see misleading LEED or certification info on Duro-Design’s site??

  • bamboo flooring

    Bamboo flooring colors look good, like this style of wooden floor, I do not know how to use the cycle

  • Cork Flooring

    I just love Duro Designs patterns and textures!

  • bamboo veneer

    Bamboo flooring offers tremendous interior design flexibility. Bamboo is unique, beautiful, and a great alternative to other hardwoods. Bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly flooring and bamboo flooring is a natural flooring with low emission.

  • Vault Techniques

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