Selsam Small Turbines – Just Right for Residential?


The bloggers at Engadget picked up on the Selsam small wind turbines, which look a lot like one of those amateur ham radio antennas we used to see on houses.  This small-scale wind solution is basically a single elongated shaft made of strong carbon fiber.  The carbon shaft holds rotors that range in size from 14-18 inches in diameter.  Apparently, the more rotors you have on a rod, the better output you get.  Invented by Doug Selsam, this 13-rotor small wind turbine can produce roughly 200 watts in 20 mph winds (or more in higher wind speeds).  It’s currently being tested and developed in California, so who knows, we may just start seeing stuff like this on top of houses and buildings?



Read More: Blue Selsam

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  • Evan

    200 MPH winds…?

  • paulinstl

    You mean 20mph winds.

  • Preston

    @Evan + Paulinstl – nice catch, I’ve fixed it to 20 mph winds.

  • Henry Switzer

    Solar power is the wave of the future for sure. I have well over 1/2 of my household running on solar powered devices, including panels on the roof, and a large array of light illumination products in my yard. I also have a large wind turbine in my yard which so far has cut down my electricty costs by 50%.

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