Énóvo House

I pulled out the April issue of Dwell this weekend and noticed an ad for the Énóvo House.  My interest was piqued by reading the copy, so I went online to research more.  There’s a website for the Énóvo House, which is currently being built just north of Montreal.  But from my research, the Énóvo name seems to represent something bigger — the idea that a green, modular home can evolve with the needs of the owner.  According to the website, Énóvo can be adapted to most any terrain, and because it’s configured by modules, the design can morph according to the various particularities of an owner’s life and needs. 

The minimalist design here is clean and features an abundance of glass in the right places.  As you can see below, modules are topped with self-sustaining vegetation where rainwater is collected, filtered, and recycled for use in the laundry, kitchen, and shower.  The home also features prominent overhangs to allow natural lighting and filter out the sun’s most intense rays.  Énóvo will have an intelligent thermostat that controls both the home’s security and hvac components.

Énóvo’s design might conjure up thoughts of the industrial, container homes we’re seeing more and more of: lines, corners, and edges.  Simple is good and less wasteful than the alternative.  The popular pairing of ecology and minimalism is something I hope we continue to see.

In the end, the home is intelligent, owner-compatible, and has a lighter ecological footprint.  I can’t wait to see the real thing. 

Conviviality - click to enlarge


Enovo House

Photo Credits: Enovo.ca.