miniLOO, Saving Water With Small Style

MiniLOO White

I know it’s just a toilet, but this miniLOO is quite the attractive alternative when it comes to taking care of your primary and secondary business.  MiniLOO utilizes a water-efficient, dual flush, in-wall tank with either a .8 or 1.6 gallon flush.  The compact off-floor mounting allows easy cleaning and accessibility in either the residential or commercial setting.  It’s perfect for a smaller space and available in a variety of finishes, including recycled stainless steel and white powdercoat. 


MiniLOO Diagram



  • Brian Jewett

    Oh yeah, the Neo Metro stuff is gorgeous but for the price of a sink and toilet I could build an entire bathroom with more reasonable fixtures.

  • Preston

    @Brian – price is one aspect to consider, that’s for sure, but this toilet is really good looking.

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