Maison EvolutiV

I’ve noticed the Maison EvolutiV of late and it’s quite the interesting home.  Designed by Olgga Architects as a show house for the Salon Europeen du Bois, this energy-efficient home presents a compelling view of what can be done with only two modules.  The ground module is flush with the outdoors and features a skin made of chestnut stakes of various sizes.  The second module juts out over the first and provides a nice little spot for a green roof area.  In addition, the home features a rainwater recovery system, wool wood insulation coupled with cellulose, solar panels, and a low-energy passive house design. 

Of course, the website is in French and based on my use of Google Translation, I haven’t been able to figure out how long it took to build.  I did notice that the home had a budget of 100,000 euros HT.  So based on the current Euro conversion of 1.55, this home could cost about $155,000 in the U.S. (depending on various factors). 

Also, one little note on the design: You’ll probably want to build a house like this on something other than a wood pyramid pile, but that’s just a thought …

What’s Your Module Number?
As a side note, the simple look and feel of this design has me wondering about module numbers.  Particularly, what’s your module number?  If you had your choice to build any home in any location with no parameters as to money or anything, how many modules would you choose?  One?  Two?  Four?  Eight?  Twelve?  Any thoughts on that?

Interior Show House Exterior

EvolutiV - color

EvolutiV - garage

EvolutiV - variation

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