Kuwait's First LEED Tower To Be Crowned with Wind

Sabahalahmendifc KEO International Consultants has received word from the USGBC that its design for Sabah Al Ahmed International Finance Center (ICF) has been precertified at the Gold level under the LEED-CS green building rating system.  The 1.2 million sf, 40-story tower is the first building in Kuwait to be registered or precertified by the USGBC.  As you can partially tell from the renderings, the design includes four stacked courtyard atriums ranging from 8-13 floors each.  Three of the atriums serve the office portion of the building, while the fourth atrium serves the 200 key, 4-star business class hotel.  The tower generates part of its energy from a PV system, as well as from roof-mounted wind turbines.  You may be able to see the lattice-work of wind turbines at the crown of the building; I think they’re the vertical axis, helical-type, but it’s hard to tell with this one image.  We’ll make sure to keep you posted …

The use of wind turbines at the building’s apex is similar to what’s planned for Discovery Tower in Houston.  It’ll be interesting to see these designs meet reality — the media world will definitely have fun running video and stories of building integrated wind turbines.

Kuwait IFC Lobby

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  • http://honolulurealestateviews.com Keahi Pelayo

    I wish I were closer to Kuwait, I would love to see this building.
    Keahi Pelayo

  • http://www.getsmartenergy.com Mark Cironi

    This building and others now has the opportunity to generate substantially more wind energy with the WindCube system by Green Energy Technologies from Akron, Ohio. In a small footprint the wind is applified to produce more kWh’s annually than traditional wind turbines of like size. They are modular to be sized for different customer requirements. It will be highlighted at the Windpower 2008 in Houston on June 1, 2008.


    Please see the intro fim on You Tube.

    Mark Cironi
    Green Energy Technologies

  • http://www.aisec-10.org Dr. Saad

    wind energy in building in kuwait

  • http://www.getsmartenergy.com Mark Cironi

    Renewable Urban wind turbines have to start to provide an impact on office buildings and make a difference by producing substantial electricity. Rooftop systems especially vertical axis turbines are 20kW and below wereas horizontal wind turbines provide the needed production for commercial office buildings and industrial facilities. Examples are provided on our website at http://www.getsmartenergy.com
    Our booth at Windpower 2009 in Chicago on May 3, 2009 is #5557.

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