Kirei Board, It's Kirei, So Use It! [Video]

Ramses Table - Kirei Board End Table - Kirei

I’ve mentioned Kirei in projects previously, but I’ve never really blogged about it.  Kirei, or きれい, is Japanese for pretty, beautiful, pure, or clean — an apt description for this popular green product.  Constructed of reclaimed agricultural fiber (which is heat-pressed with a non-toxic adhesive), Kirei Board is lightweight and durable.  It’s often used as a finish material in flooring, furniture, cabinets, and other interior design applications.  Use of Kirei Board may help contribute towards credits for LEED certification, depending on a variety of factors …

Kirei products can be found in almost every state, so give the dealer list a look if you’re interested.  For a little more info on Kirei, check the below video put together by the pros at Shift 33

Bathroom - Kirei

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  • Jeff Stephens

    I talk about Kirei (made from sorghum stalks) in an upcoming article about rapidly renewable building materials in the June issue of EcoStructure Magazine. Check it out soon at

  • Preston

    @Jeff – cool, I remember hearing you were working on that article. You think they’ll have a direct link to the article?


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