Graceland Whispering

Harmony Art, based in California, is an organic fabric company which was started a few years ago by a woman named Harmony.  She designs all the prints, most of which are inspired by nature.  The colors are wide-ranging and the prints are modern and fun.  They offer jersey, interlock, twill, denim, sateen and flannel.

I am using her solid white sateen, which has a slight sheen, for our living room curtains.  The fabrics are of wonderful quality and start at around $15/yard.  You can visit her site to find online retailers, which is how I ordered my fabric.

Some retailers offer a wide width which is great for making curtains, slipcovers, duvets etc.  Much of the fabric is made in India, which is supporting farmers to live a healthier lifestyle.  You can read more on their site about how organic agriculture is offering hope in India. 

There are very few options currently for organic fabrics, especially in fun prints.  Harmony art is probably your best option for fun prints and reasonable prices on green fabric.

Moon Solstice

Ohio Vein