Gulf Islands House Blends Minimalism and Green

Gulf Islands Home

This clever little house caught my eye the other day.  Designed by architect Matthew Woodruff, The Gulf Islands House was completed a couple years ago in what seems to be quite the serene location.  It’s a cozy second home that was built as an escape of sorts for Woodruff’s family.  I’m not sure the owners were trying to set any green building records with the home, but the two-bedroom pad has some green features we can all appreciate, such as its solar orientation and design, small footprint, and use of locally harvested materials.  The minimalist design seems to create just the right space for congregating with the family, too. 

Although The Gulf Islands House is not as expressly green as some of the stuff featured here on JG, the style is undeniable and intriguing – I thought it would be fun to share …




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  • Jamie Roche

    Nice find. This house is more than a little green. Small footprint, pier foundation, good cross-ventilation. And nice looking to boot!

    My only beef with this one is the lack of view windows. It seems to be in a remote location, and it has loads of glass, but only a few windows and doors at eye level.

  • Preston

    @Jamie – thinking about the windows, it seems that the glass doors might serve two purposes for the home. The home is small enough that the doors are the windows and the windows are the doors.

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