Elmwood Reclaimed Timber

Elmwood Reclaimed Timber is a Missouri based company that reclaims old wood to give it a brand new life.  They offer products ranging from stair treads and cabinetry lumber to flooring and beams.  They have an incredible range of wood species offered including oak, elm, pine, walnut, redwood and their own special mixes such as "Vermont Moonlight Medley" (shown above). 

They also offer end-grain flooring, which looks like an Italian tiled floor (shown below), only with added beauty of wood grain.  It is very unique look. 

You can also get antique stone and tin from Elmwood.  The pricing on wood flooring is incredibly reasonable for a green, historic material, with prices starting at $4/square foot.  These woods could work beautifully with almost any interior — modern, rustic, or traditional — and would be a subtle showpiece in your home. 

Check out their website for ordering information.  You can also sell reclaimed wood and stone to Elwood, if you have materials you want to part with.  I have experienced first-hand working with this company and they are knowledgeable, helpful, and timely.  I would highly recommend Elwood Reclaimed Timber for any of your green wood needs.

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