Any Thoughts on Quick Crete's Greener Concrete Mix?

Ecocasttiles After extensive R&D, Quick Crete was able to come up with a house blend of greener concrete called Ecocast.  Ecocast is made of 70% post-consumer and industrial waste.  The blend may help contribute towards LEED credits for your project and contains recycled aggregates and other materials such as pozzolans.  The new formula produces an average compressive strength of 5000 P.S.I. in 28 days and comes in four colors: strata, geo, erosion, and stone.  Ecocast can be used in standard and custom designs, so check it out to see if it’s better than what you’re currently using.  Anyone have any experience using Ecocast?

Via Dexigner.

  • Travis

    From this post, I thought that this was a new product from Quikrete, the manufacturer of the ubiquitous ready-mix bags in Home Depot. The brief product description on the EcoCast webpage didn’t clear this up for me. EcoCast is actually a manufacturing method that Quick Crete, a manufacturer of precast architectural amenities and site furnishings, has available for their product line. They do not sell it as a ready-mix.

    ARE there any ready-mix products out there with high recycled content and added pozzolans?

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