The Eco Center

Last month, Lorax Development broke ground on a building that’s being billed as the first off-grid building in San Francisco.  At 1400 sf, The Eco Center is certainly an example of the future of green buildings — buildings that are off-grid and sustainable.  The Eco Center is a $1.5 million environmental education center that will be located in McLaren Park.  Designed by Toby Long Design for the non-profit Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ), when it opens in the fall, it will be the first building in San Francisco, purportedly, to recycle its own wastewater.  Additionally, the off-grid center will have solar panels and an extensive green roof. 

This is going to be an incredible facility serving the San Francisco area. 

Speaking of the educational aspects of The Eco Center, project manager Laurie Schoeman said, "When the lights go out, and there’s no energy from the sun, we’ll need to be mindful that we don’t have unlimited amounts of energy … and we’re going to showcase to kids that, when you flush the toilet, it goes somewhere."

I think it’s great that we’re teaching young students important lessons of conservation and sustainability, but if you really think about it, maybe we need an educational center that teaches adults the same?   

Early Renderings of The Eco Center:

The Eco Center Early Renderings

The Eco Center Early Renderings

The Eco Center Early Renderings

Via GB Elements + the Examiner.