Margo Chase

I received an email about Orange22’s launch of the Botanist Blank Canvas Project at ICFF and it looks pretty interesting.  Orange22 enlisted the help of eight iconic designers to place their fingerprint on the popular Botanist line of indoor/outdoor furniture.  The designers include Yves Behar, Margo Chase, Milton Glaser, Kahi Lee, Karim Rashid, Joe Ricchio, Massimo + Lella Vignelli, and Claude Zellweger.  Pieces come in a variety of designs and can be used as end tables, benches, cocktail tables, or anything else you can think of.

An interesting aspect of the Blank Canvas Project is that Orange22 is committed to matching each designer’s royalty by giving the same amount to the designer’s social cause of choice.  It’s consumerism with a social twist, but we all buy stuff here and there … might as well do some good in the process.

Each piece starts off as a blank ‘canvas’ that is made of either aluminum or tree frog veneers.  Both materials can be considered green in some respects, with the veneer being responsibly harvested and the aluminum being recyclable.  After that, designs are cut into the material with a water-jet cutting technology.  The color is placed on the blank canvas with no-VOC, powder- coated paints.  If you’re interested, you can read more about their green manufacturing here.

I was navigating around the website and it looks like Orange22 provides certain customers the ability to create their own designs.  Here’s what I’d do: a jet black end table with gray pinstripes and “JETSON GREEN” etched into one table leg.  The “JETSON” would be above the “GREEN”, with the two words in a rectangular shape — that’s it.  Real simple, but fun.


Milton Glaser

Karim Rashid


Credits: Botanist Series.