Amcork, a Texas based company, offers an incredible variety of cork flooring and wall covering options.  Their flooring is available in floating floor planks (12"x36") and glue-down parquet tiles (12"x12").  Wall tiles are 12"x24" size.  There are two things that set this company apart from others that I have found: price and style.  Amcork has 21 colors of wall tiles and 25 colors of flooring available. 

The colors and textures range from almost solids, such as "blue snow", to "bark", a natural cork color with large waves and chunks of patterns that really do resemble the bark of a tree.  Pricing starts at $2.50 psf and ranges up to about $5.50. 

An extra bonus that the company offers is a Lead Time discount.  When you order your product 8-10 weeks early, you can save around $1 psf, which could add up to some big bucks in your pocket.  Add to this, the high quality of the product and the fact that Amcork is committed to green practices and you have yourself the best cork option that you are going to find on the market. 

You can shop around, but personally, I wouldn’t waste the time!  Check out all their colors and styles on their website.  You can call them directly for samples or to order.

Bark Blue Snow

Coral Night