20 Ways Your Home Can Save the Planet [HGTV]


HGTV has this list of the 20 Ways Your Home Can Save the Planet.  Depending on where you’re at in the process of greening your home, you may find this list helpful.  I like some of the suggestions but also realize there’s a deeper level of analysis that goes into actually saving the planet with your home.  I bet the special presentation show on television was pretty interesting, though.  Without further ado:

  1. Plug into the trendiest appliances. 
  2. Keep your cabinets and countertops green.
  3. Look for eco-friendly dishes and cookware.
  4. Think energy-saving when you think windows. 
  5. Recycle with style. 
  6. Consider planet-friendly floors. 
  7. Make a new bed, organically. 
  8. Paint it safe. 
  9. Switch your bulbs. 
  10. Make your family room family and earth-friendly. 
  11. Furnish naturally. 
  12. Keep your garage gear green. 
  13. Go with the low flow. 
  14. Renew your bathroom with reclaimed style. 
  15. Go natural. 
  16. Stock up on earth-friendly office supplies. 
  17. Be green when you clean. 
  18. Choose good wood. 
  19. Plant for the planet. 
  20. Keep nature natural. 

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  • Randy

    It’s nice to know that even before I agreed to go green, that I was already participating in green activities by doing some of the things on this list. One of the things I have recently done was switch to bioheat and I love it. It’s my best friend during the winter because it turns the coldest days of the year into warm and toasty ones. I was fascinated by it when I found out that it was heating oil mixed with biodegradable products like soybean oil. It’s sounds funky, but it’s actually becoming a new and hot trend in the green community.

    Trust me if it weren’t for me working for NORA, I would have never even known about it.
    it encouraged me to research what other cool tings I could do to help the planet. I got a lot of really good tips from:

    Check it out and see what fabulous info it has to offer you.

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