WORKac Vertical Farm Concept for NYC [S2]

Locavore Fantasia

New York asked four architects to generate ideas for an oddly shaped parcel of land at Canal and Varick Street in New York.  New York only requested that the ideas include a residential component and generally comply with zoning.  Of the four designs submitted, one of them caught my eye because it’s of something that’s being talked about more and more.  Vertical farms.  The design by WORKac entitled "Locavore Fantasia" features crops on each floor and four large water tanks for rainwater irrigation.  The idea here is just a concept, but it gets me thinking, which city will be the first to take the plunge on a vertical farm …

Via Archidose.

[S2] = Skyscraper Sunday, a weekly article on green skyscrapers.

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  • curt

    That’s so nice and very useful for the air, goods and city appearance, even though, the final approved design is going to look a bit different. They just need to start as soon as possible, because only real world could properly evaluate the technology and promote the positive impact to society/economy/environment.

  • chris jacobs

    Check out the first Vertical Farm that started the whole movement!

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