Swift Wind Turbine is a quiet, rooftop mounted wind turbine.  Unlike some designs you’ve seen previously, this one has an outer ring and five blades.  The outer ring acts as a diffuser — the wind travels down the blades and is dispersed along the ring, therefore eliminating noise and keeping the turbine quiet.  The company estimates a noise of less than 35 decibels for all wind speeds.  The 7 foot diameter ring needs a roof line clearance of a couple feet and in good winds, can generate up to 2000 kWh of power (1.5 kW @ 14 m/s). 

If you know how much energy you’re using, you’ll see that the Swift Wind Turbine generates about 20% of the average home’s power.  At a cost of roughly $10-$12k, it just might be a good idea to let your money do some talking.  Even buy a couple three, maybe, like the above and below images.   

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Swift is based out of the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.  Via Re-Nest.