Swift Small Wind Quietly Coming to Market in July


Swift Wind Turbine is a quiet, rooftop mounted wind turbine.  Unlike some designs you’ve seen previously, this one has an outer ring and five blades.  The outer ring acts as a diffuser — the wind travels down the blades and is dispersed along the ring, therefore eliminating noise and keeping the turbine quiet.  The company estimates a noise of less than 35 decibels for all wind speeds.  The 7 foot diameter ring needs a roof line clearance of a couple feet and in good winds, can generate up to 2000 kWh of power (1.5 kW @ 14 m/s). 

If you know how much energy you’re using, you’ll see that the Swift Wind Turbine generates about 20% of the average home’s power.  At a cost of roughly $10-$12k, it just might be a good idea to let your money do some talking.  Even buy a couple three, maybe, like the above and below images.   

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Swift is based out of the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.  Via Re-Nest.

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  • Dan Dickison

    These look promising. I wonder, how high can you elevate them on the poles that are provided?

  • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

    @Dan – good question. You’re probably limited by the local zoning height restrictions, to a certain extent … I look into that some more.

  • Yaakov Cohn

    At what distance is the noise expected to be below 35dB?
    at the hub?
    10 fee away? further?

  • http://www.luxesyndicate.com Ken

    This looks like a great concept and is something that should have been utilized sooner.

  • cribcat

    Yea, that’s cheap. I’ll take ten. Wheres the credit card honey?

  • http://www.ecounit.com Kent Ragen

    Anyone know how the cost/benefit compares with solar?

  • http://gohybrid.blogspot.com Hybrid Vehicles

    Yeah i agree, we have all these wind, solar and hydro power but we are still lagging in the development of a better storage medium to store those unused energy for future use.

    Alternative Fuels;
    Hybrid SUV

  • manuka

    WARNING! Quite aside from visual pollution,noise & vibration issues,domestic building mounted wind turbines are widely viewed as poor performers- turbulent air at low levels means they spend much of their time “chasing the wind”. They’ll only be viable if mounted high up into smooth flowing air well clear of trees,buildings etc. Naturally this may cost $$$$ just for the tower!

    If you have the choice,low profile roof mounted solar PV panels are usually a superior home energy investment,& additionally are FAR easier to both install & service.

  • http://ecomentum.com Pedro

    Another small wind player, http://mariahpower.com, wins the ease of installation contest with a “plug n produce” product called the Windspire.

    Here’s a pic from their site:

  • http://:www.alternative-heating-info.com Sam Streubel

    Based on the average wind speed in Massachusetts of 8.2 mph at 15′, and the 7′ prop of the Swift turbine, the monthly output would be around 32 kWh or 7,680 kWh over the course of its estimated 20 year life.

    Minus the 30% energy tax credit the Swift goes for around $7,700.

    $7,700/7,680 (kWh) = $1.00 per kWh.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sandru-Mircea-Ioan/671522484 Sandru Mircea Ioan

    Even it sounds like a joke, a Swift wind turbine can spin your electric meter backwards. It is small, efficient and
    very practical being able to produce energy in both low and high wind speeds. I wrote more
    about it on my blog:


    Take care.

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