SMC Furnishings

SMC Furnishings is a small, New York-based company that creates handcrafted, high-quality furniture with earth friendly methods.  In their tenth year of business, this company has been doing the green thing for longer than most.  Even their workshop produces almost zero waste as they reuse even the smallest scraps for fuel.  Almost all of their wood comes from reclaimed buildings, downed trees, or trees that are cut down because of disease or nuisance issues. 

From this wood, they create a stunning range of pieces in styles rustic to modern. 

The prices are reasonable for the quality and artistic craftsmanship that goes into them.  My favorite piece is probably the jpa stool (shown below) which is simple with great shaping and reminiscent of the mid-century modern furniture style.  This stool prices at $400 and would look great at a simple table-desk or lined up along a farmers-style dining table. 

This is furniture that’s meant to last for generations and you can feel great about buying it because you know that SMC is morally dedicated to being as green as they possibly can.

JPA Stool Egwtable_lg1

Rdstool_lg1 33table_lg1_2