The Real World Hollywood's Green Digs [PICS]


In a break from the blue suit and red tie mentality here at JG, I thought I would share this news about The Real World Hollywood’s green digs.  Think MTV teamed up with Bunim-Murray Productions to green the next, certain-to- be-dramatic installment of the show.  It’ll be the first time they’ve gone with green finish outs for the show.  The greenly decorated house includes environmentally friendly products ranging from solar panels and hybrid cars, to bamboo flooring, energy efficient appliances, and a number of recycled and reused products around the house.  No word on product specifics, but here you go — feel free to play name that green product in the comments if you notice something in the pictures.

I’ll also add that I think this news definitely stands for two things: (1) green is here, and (2) green is mainstream.  Any perspective?








Hallway Hybrids

More info here.

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  • Ken

    Great house… Where do I sign :)

  • Preston

    @Ken – who knows if it will even be for sale?

  • crystal

    Well, I would have to say those are recycled glass counter tops and probably some sort of Marmoleum Click for the kitchen floor tiles…

  • tara

    Food products that are _____ Certified Organic products do not contain any chemicals or steroids. ???????????

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