Method Homes Debuts New Prefab Design

The Method Cabin

Update 7/24/08 – The Method Cabin is now complete!

We have a new company here, Method Homes, that just announced the construction of their first prefab model, The Method Cabin.  Method Homes is targeting LEED-H Gold certification for the five-module abode, which will be about 1811 sf with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  I’ve been navigating through the blog a little bit, studying the details of this first design, and I definitely like what I see so far.  Designed by Seattle architectural firm, Balance Associates, The Method Cabin will have that trendy cantilevered roof and efficient, functional floor plans.  It will also have some nice green touches with Kliptech Ecotop countertops, Bamboo Hardwoods cabinets and flooring, and the Warmboard radiant sub floor. 

The inaugural prefab, rendered above and below, will be installed at the foot of Mount Baker and open to the public mid-summer (I believe).  Also, the company estimates costs of the modular portion of the home at or around $150 – $250 psf.

I was emailing with co-founder Brian Abramson, who was excited by the lack of waste with prefab construction.  Abramson remarked, "to date we have a recycling container that is half full and beyond that we only have 3 trash bags and some plastic bottle recycling."  The other co-founder, Mark Rylant, added: "with the changes that have taken place in building materials technology over the last five years, constructing a high-design, prefabricated home has become possible … the result is better health, better living and less impact on our environment."

I really like the modern look, green emphasis, and small style.  I’m looking forward to seeing more from Method Homes, and hey, maybe I’ll find a way to get one built here in SLC?

Method Cabin

Method Cabin


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  • jo Camilleri

    could you please ring 0400222600 i am interested

  • Timothy

    It’s great that prefab green homes are gaining popularity.

    The modern style of the cabin gives it a unique look, while still being able to fit into the natural wooded setting.

    It would be great to see actual photos of the home once it is put into place.

  • Lambert

    I like very much this model but I’m a Canadian from the province of Quebec so with the winters we have and as the temperature goes to minus 35 sometimes colder I’m asking if you isolate for our climate. Thank you

  • Rosemary

    An intelligent future requires an even more intelligent enviroment that helps us become more inspired!

    I will be moving out west next month from the east coast city of Miami… and am hoping to be able to buy my first prefab green home.

    I am very excited about the advances that prefab’s have accomplished! I like many other’s aspire to live in a healthier and more enriched enviroment which should be a basic right for all fellow members of the human race.

    I love, love it!

    Did I mention I love it?

    What else can be better than to breath healthier, have more green out the windows, and keep it all in a controlled budget.

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