Wow! Container Home in New Zealand


Sure, this New Zealand home is heavy on the industrial, nuclear reactor look, but it has a certain draw to it, don't you think?  I was pointed to these images in a flickr photoset owned by petraalsbach and was struck by the interesting use of containers — as you can tell, the home was built right up to, and possibly into, the hill.  Containers are strong and stackable,and it seems like lots of people are using them right now in home design.  Container homes may just become more popular than modern prefab …







Photo credits: Petraalsbach.

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  • Olmec Sinclair

    I’ve seen this building. I used to drive past it regularly when I lived ion Wellington. There are a few others like this around.

  • Preston

    @Olmec – seriously? It’s a small world. The images look like it’s right along the road, is that right?

    It’d be cool to see some pictures of other places there too …

  • Arns

    Yeah its right next to the road if i remember rightly , the area where its in is basically giant clif face , small windy road and then the coast. So the area is remicent of alot of wellington , and its a really interesting use of space that otehrwise would not really have been able to be used for housing . I may be getting it mixed up with one thats right next to a motorway ( as you can see container housing is pretty popular in wellys )

  • figjam

    there is a whole school built out of shipping containers in Simon’s Town, South Africa.. the schools containers have insulation between the metal outside and a plaster board ‘wall’ so its really cosy n doesnt look industrial at all

    a very good recycling idea i think

  • john

    this is great , they just put things on top of each other

  • sowmya

    where can i get more information on this building?.. plans, sections details maybe..?

  • CecĂ­lia

    When was it made? in 2008?

  • Eric

    We have another container house sysytem. it is easier than yours.

  • GMacD

    Yup, there can’t be any women living there!

  • Braden

    Nice to see some interior photos as I used to live along the coast a bit in Lyall Bay, and drove past quite often. Quite a bleak sort of area.

  • chandoo

    does anyone know where in Wellington the house is -would love to drive by it

  • chandoo

    Where are the other container houses in Wellington? Didn’t realise they were so common

  • Olmec Sinclair
  • Anne

    This is really nice…But I was just wondering, where could I possible fit victorian heart quilts? I have always fancied quilts and want to have some at home…

  • mike

    What’s nice about it its earth quake resistant

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