I recently received an email from reader Roxanne Nelson about her green transformation of a 1940s cape cod home in St. Paul, Minnesota.  When done, it’s going to be a modern green knockout.  Roxanne and her husband, Kevin Flynn, both architects, are documenting the transformation at EcoDEEP Haus, which I’ve been following for the past couple weeks.  Check it out. 

The renovation will seek Minnesota Greenstar Remodeling Gold Level Certification, and to top that, will try to do it on a normal budget. Nelson and Flynn hope EcoDEEP Haus becomes a model for other homeowners that want to incorporate sustainability in their remodels.

EcoDEEP Haus will be mega energy efficient by utilizing good thermal envelope strategies, passive solar techniques, active solar energy systems (hot water and PV), and possibly a small wind turbine.  It will also have water conserving amenities, locally sourced materials, and native plantings for landscape. 

Can’t wait to see the finished project!  Make sure to visit EcoDEEP and the Construction Blog.