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I used to drive by Buzz Lofts all the time and check out the construction progress.  It's a modern, green, and affordable condo-loft community immediately south of downtown Dallas.  The development is in what you may call an up and coming neighborhood, but the location is great: near the DART rail and all those downtown jobs.  Buzz has been popular, too, with most units nearly sold out. 

Buzz Buzz

Owners walk away with a new eGO electric rechargeable moped, bamboo flooring, energy efficient appliances and HVAC, low-E double pane windows, and a condo that's zero energy ready (wired for solar for future).  That butterfly roof also acts to reclaim water for use in the drought-tolerant landscaping.

Designed by t. howard + associates and developed by Change Chamber Development, Buzz Lofts could just be one reason Dallas recently adopted a green building ordinance.  Hard to say, but it's one of a few green multifamily developments in the city.  Certainly, Buzz illustrates that green can be done in a stylish way at an affordable price.  Units range in price from mid-150s to low-200s.  Learn more about Buzz Lofts



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  • emo

    This should really be a new standard. There are a few sustainable affordable developments around the country, but as I look around my neighborhood (Brooklyn) there are few developments that are either green or affordable (in relative terms for NYC, meaning 3x the above price). Given the affects that we will feel from climate change, and that low income people will be the greatest affected, there should be more of this kind of development (I would snap one up in a flash). I wonder if there is a way to create a sort of “open source” of architecture that developers could use for new buildings, maybe that would help spread positive development.

  • Preston

    @emo – I think you have some excellent points. I agree that there should be more green and affordable, but there should also be more green and reasonable, too.

    I like the open architecture idea, although there can be multiple reasons for expensive projects. I think the property for Buzz wasn’t as expensive as some hot locations. I think they worked real hard to design it carefully, too, to not waste money and space … to do it right. Wide body rooms, rather than shotgun condos. Etc.

  • HowardG

    LOFTS!? How so?
    These are eco-trendy mundane boxes with a new car sales pitch. A touch of industrio here, a bit more open space there, so what? Boring.
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  • rastogis

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