Anna Sova, a Luxurious Line of Home Eco-Products

900 GSM Turkish Towels

Anna Sova is a Dallas, Texas based company offering organic bedding, towels, paints, and bath and body products.  The bedding uses materials such as eco-silk and US-grown organic cottons and usually at least a 600 thread count.  Their towels are 100% organic cotton with spa-quality, 900 gsm (grams per square meter).  This compares to conventional towels which have 300-400 gsm.  Other products include soy candles, aromatherapy, and bath and body products.  My favorite offering, however, is their paint, which is made from 99% food grade materials and is VOC free (or as close as is currently possible). 

The color palette is what stands out.  With roughly 500 colors to choose from in 14 categories such as "Mid Century Modern", "Odd Sorbets" and "7/10’s of the planet" (ocean colors), Anna Sova has created a paint line that has the most beautiful colors I have ever seen grouped together.  They range from loud and bold to calm and serene.  There is a color perfect for every person, for every room. 

Unfortunately, Anna Sova experienced a warehouse fire a few years ago and paint has been unavailable ever since.  Each season, they claim it will be available during the next season — for instance it now says "Available Summer 2008".  I hope this is true, but I wouldn’t count on it; I have seen this fall through at least six times now as I impatiently wait to see one of their colors on my wall.  But really, I wish them the best in getting back on their feet — t looks like it has been a long and arduous process.   

Pricing will run you $85 for a standard set of pillow cases and up to $745 for a king sheet set.  Towels are a bit less pricey at about $60 each.  Remember, these are luxury pieces!  My guess is that paint will be about $65/gallon, but there is no pricing shared for that yet.  This company is not in everyones budget, but if you are looking for luxury items and want to be green (very green), Anna Sova is the company for you.

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  • Kate

    Anna Sova paint is HORRIBLE.

    We bought a gallon of it at Green Depot in Chicago and used it in our bathroom. The odor is strong and it has not dissipated at all the past three weeks. What is causing the odor? My guess is that the unidentified -cides are doing it. Yes, this paint is not very ‘green’ after all. It contains fungicide, bactericide, mildew retardant, and preservative. What fungicide, you ask? Who knows! They don’t get into specifics. I’ve emailed twice and gotten no answer, so I suspect it’s bad.

    This is typical greenwashing, in my opinion: sounds great, but is actually full of crap. To make matters worse, we paid around $80 for this one gallon of paint (I know! We’re suckers!) that we’ll most likely have to paint over. We’ve used traditional milk paints purchased from Bioshield (they no longer offer it) and yes, traditional milk paints have to be mixed with water, go on unevenly, and can’t be washed. But guess what? They don’t contain unknown, possibly dangerous ingredients! They are in fact ‘green.’

    Stay away from Anna Sova Paint. Truly! It’s awful.

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